SafERR School Club activation

On Tuesday 18th June 2019 team members paid an advocacy visit to St. Philip Neri Primary and Secondary school after an initial submission of SafERR school awareness workshop letter to the management of the school.

The advocacy which was attended by both the students and staff of the school featured a brief of SafERR school and WSO, practical demonstration on the use of fire extinguisher, management of unconscious and breathing casualty.

At the end of the demonstration, interested pupils were asked to send their names through their class teachers.

The principal of the school Rev. Fr. Gregory Onimawo appreciated the gesture and promised to make a day in their school time table for the intended pupils to be continuously visited.

Team members:
1. Aigbokhan E. Emmanuel
2. Endurance J. Omokhagbo
3. Omolue J. Emmanuel

3 thoughts on “SafERR School Club activation”

  1. says:

    Great work.
    Where is the exact location of this laudable advocacy?
    Keep promoting health and safety, saving lives.

  2. says:

    Jattu-Uzairue via Auchi in Edo state. Nigeria.

  3. Good job and wish I could be part of this move ……

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