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The SafERR (Safety and Emergency Response Ready) program of the World Safety Organization in Nigeria, is developed as an activity that targets workplaces, groups and communities; teaching them about Safety and Emergency Response Readiness, the World Safety Organization and leadership development.

For many, it is their first contact with the World Safety Organization (WSO). The WSO Nigeria believes that with adequate information and training, human attitudes and values can be reshaped. People are capable of developing positive values, showing care and compassion for humanity. And likewise, develop interests to pursue a career in the safety profession (as a public health & safety educator, public health specialist, safety specialist, environmental specialist to mention a few), thus contributing largely to the economy in another front and making the nation and the world at large a better place for us all to live in.

Too many people are dying from preventable injuries. Today, unintentional injuries have risen to become the third leading cause of death globally, but each of us can take action to reverse this trend, irrespective of our age, gender and status. The SafERR program creates a level playing ground for all to become proactive in improving safety and health in their environment whether at home, on the road, work, everywhere…

Though safety improvements can be made in many ways, SafEER is a strategic means of stimulating everyone to become active players in the safety and health space by developing their capacity to take immediate and vital steps that will protect them, their community and their loved ones, to mention a few. The SafERR Ambassador program provides the tools needed to do this. It is our firm conviction that the more people that can participate in this program, the SafERR our homes, offices and communities will become.

Aims and Objectives of the SafERR Community Chapters

  1. To provide knowledge about Safety, Hazards and Risks in the environment.
  2. To provide knowledge about health risks, communicable diseases and prevention in the environment.
  3. To teach how to be Safety and Emergency Response Ready in all situation.
  4. To disseminate humanitarian values.
  5. To set up a World Safety Community Chapter

SafERR Slogan

“Promoting Health & Safety, Saving Lives!”

Structure of the World Safety Community Chapters

A World Safety Chapter instructor and community appointed Coordinator(s) directs a “SafERR Community” Chapter

***kindly note: WSO SafERR Ambassadors can function as World Safety Chapter Instructors after communication of such intention through the WSO Nigeria office.

Setting Up a World Safety Community Chapter

 Procedure for Establishment of a World Safety Community Chapter

  1. Interested volunteers shall document their names/details with the coordinator(s).
  2. Days for meeting shall be decided by the concerned authority.
  3. A formal training where necessary, shall then commence at the instance of all concerned.
  4. At the end of the training, arrangement will be made for the formal inauguration of the community chapter, with presentation of completion and membership certificates to members. The community can also choose to decorate/invest some SafERR Ambassadors (could be SafERR volunteers themselves, heads of management/department, concerned personalities to mention a few; the criteria would be their interest and support towards “Promoting Health and Safety, Saving Lives”). Those who wish to and/or accepts the nomination to become World Safety SafERR Ambassadors at the time would be invested during the inauguration of community chapter. All World Safety SafERR Ambassadors will receive the WSO prestigious Ambassadors medal; brooch, plaque and honorary membership (please contact the WSO Nigeria National Office for more details). The WSO Nigeria team does this activity.
  5. Upon inauguration, WSO Nigeria shall issue a certificate of inauguration to the Community (workplace, groups etc).
  6. The coordinator(s) will receive continual training and re-training on operational guidelines for the Community Chapters and shall then continue in the regular meetings of the Chapter. He/she would also be responsible for sending chapter’s proceedings, as a report to the concerned authority and WSO Nigeria respectively, (the coordinator(s) must be able to access and use the internet for ease of information exchange”).

Safety Community Chapters

Through a variety of methods, chapter members will learn how to create a safe, healthy environment and develop sound behaviours and values.

They learn proactive safety lessons, how to prevent accidents and diseases, first aid and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and get knowledge about the World Safety Organization, humanitarian work.

Occasionally, they would perform safety awareness campaigns and celebrate “Community Hours with no Loss Time Incidence (LTI)”.

They will mark the International yearly celebration of the United Nations (ILO): World Day for Safety & Health at Work (April 28) and participate in other WSO Nigeria National activities.

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