July never gave up on SafERR!

The month of July had four schools welcoming the introduction of the SafERR program.

St.Paul Memorial Secondary School, on the 17th July 2018 had the first experience of the well equipped knowledge of the SafERR program disseminated to the school students and staff.

It was a fruitful way to start the morning by 7:50am with a well packaged introduction of the WSO and the SafERR program.

Mr. James Fortune went along to fill their minds with the knowledge on types of wounds and how to manage seizures. These topics were taught using simulation and hands-on practicals.

The students and the teachers were excited and responded well. The school authorities promised to get back to us during the next Academic Session on when to fully inaugurate the SafeRR Club program.

We had over 21 Teachers and 102 students in attendance.

The month of July really proved fruitful with the orientation about SafERR Club as an objective.

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