More SafERR at OBARO than Safe

WSO SafERR Volunteers made it a moment never to miss in the month of June at Obaro Educational Center, on the 28th of June 2018 as they gave the students optimistic reasons to be SafERR.

As the school’s assembly ended at 8:10am, Miss Adedipe Modupeola who was introduced by Mr. Fortune gave a bombshell on School Safety and appetizing feelings of the SafERR Club.

The school Management couldn’t camouflage their feelings and interest in the inauguration of the SafERR Club in the school that a teacher was forced to say “It’s more SafERR in Obaro than safe”. The proceedings have commenced.

There were 65 students and 9 teachers in attendance.

SafERR Volunteers on ground to Obaro Educational Centre: Mr. Fortune James, Miss Adedipe Modupeola, Miss Josephine Obojiagbe, and Miss Pelumi Omotosho