Great OXFORD in June “SafERRly”

The GREAT OXFORD Educational Centre greatly embrassed the SafERR programme showing the reason why they are Great. At 8:10am after their assembly, the students and the management gladly stood extra hours to cherish the pre-SafERR Club moments.

The SafERR team members were; Miss Omotosho Pelumi, Miss Adedipe Modupeola, Mr. James Fortune and Miss Josephine Obojiagbe.

After some SafERR Orientation given by Miss Pelumi Omotosho, Miss Modupeola tutored the students and teachers present on reasons why CPR is a skill that should be embrassed by all. She engaged with some practical lecture on that topic. She spiced it all up with a lovely demonstration of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

Captivated by all events that morning, the management promised to make a swift response on the inauguration of the SafERR Club.

In attendance were 107students and 16 trachers at the assembly.