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Until July 31, 2021

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Why Join Us? Find reasons to become a part of our SafERR community


SafERR provides you with the opportunity to join other volunteers in building a safer and healthier community. No matter how much or how little time you can offer, every minute is appreciated

Build Network

SafERR volunteers are professionals from all walks of life. When you join the community; you get to meet these amazing individuals and enjoy the benefits of networking with change-makes across the country.

Special Recognition

Get the opportunity to enjoy special recognitions and awards from the World Safety Organization at local and international events. Your contribution never goes unnoticed because in SafERR every effort counts. Enjoy special discounts when you apply for trainings from the World Safety Organization in Nigeria.

Career Development

With SafERR, you can access a verified report of your volunteer hours and activities ANYTIME you want. It also provides a huge advantage for those developing professional careers in health, safety, security and environment. SafERR is your sure path to leadership development and social impact.

Behind The Story …creative minds, professionalism, and passion

Soji Olalokun

Director/President, WSO-NG

Kingsley Odiboh

Vice-President, WSO-NG

Amb. Dr. Wilson Arikpo

Governor-General SafERR

Amb. Monica Nwosu

Deputy Governor-Gen. SafERR